Need to Know

Who: Individuals or couple through age 90* who are approaching, at or in retirement

Benefit: Convert savings to guaranteed income for either lifetime or period-specific needs

Min. issue: $25,000

*Max age for Life Annuity,
single or joint, is 85.


A simple and certain way to convert savings to guaranteed income 

Much like an employment paycheck, clients’ retirement income must meet both essential and lifestyle needs. To sustain life in retirement, essential needs — like housing, food and medical care — should be covered first and typically require reliable income.

ForeCertain, a single-premium income annuity, can help clients meet their essential needs by using their savings to purchase a guaranteed income stream. It’s simple and certain. They simply pay one premium and receive income certainty. Nine income options are available to provide single- or joint-life income for lifetime or period-specific needs.

Selling Features

​Nine guaranteed income options

  • Guaranteed Payment Period (5-30 years1)
  • Single Life Annuity
  • Joint Life Annuity
  • Single Life Annuity with Guaranteed Payment Period (5- 30 years1)
  • Joint Life Annuity with Guaranteed Payment Period (5- 30 years1)
  • Single Life Annuity with Cash Refund
  • Joint Life Annuity with Cash Refund
  • Single Life Annuity with Installment Refund
  • Joint Life Annuity with Installment Refund

Built-in features for flexibility

  • Advanced Payment Option2 to help clients who have a temporary need to accelerate income
  • Annuity Commencement Date (ACD) Change2 to help clients who need to change the date of income commencement
  • Commutation2 to help clients who no longer need the income or have a one-time need for at least $5,000

Optional benefits for customization

  • Annual Increase Option3 to help clients who want to keep pace with inflation. Initially income will begin lower if this benefit is elected, but will rise steadily over time.
  • Temporary Return of Premium Death Benefit2,4,5 to help clients who want to protect their premium amount if they die before they begin receiving income
  • Assignment Limitation5 to help clients who want to ensure their annuity benefits are not transferred and remain as they intend today
  • Qualifying Longevity Annuity Contract (QLAC) to help clients who want to delay the age at which required minimum distributions are taken from the annuity.2


Optional benefits have no charge, but election may lower the amount of income provided.


1 Annuity payments can be deferred up to 30 years or the maximum annuity commencement age, whichever is earlier.
2 Not all product features or optional benefits are available with all income options, plan types, or are available in all states or firms.
3 Initial payments will be lower than if option was not elected.
4 If elected, annuity payments would be less than if the option was not elected.
5 Not available in conjunction with QLAC.

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Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of Forethought Life Insurance Company and subject to compliance with benefit rules.

This material is intended to provide educational information regarding the features and mechanics of the product and is intended for producer use only. It should not be considered, and does not constitute, personalized investment advice. The issuing insurance company is not an investment adviser nor registered as such with the SEC or any state securities regulatory authority. It’s not acting in any fiduciary capacity with respect to any contract and/or investment.

This information is intended to provide a basic understanding of the ForeCertain income annuity. This information cannot be used or relied upon for the purpose of avoiding IRS penalties. Forethought Life Insurance Company does not provide tax or legal advice. As with all matters of a tax or legal nature, your clients should consult their personal counsel for additional information.

Taxable distributions (including certain deemed distributions) are subject to ordinary income taxes, and if made prior to age 59½, may also be subject to a 10% federal income tax penalty. Distributions received from a non-qualified contract are taxable to the extent of the income on the contract and to the extent of untaxed investment income on the funds used to purchase the contract. Payments from IRAs are taxable in accordance with the normal rules surrounding taxation of payments from an IRA. Early surrender charges may also apply.

Withdrawals may reduce the death benefit and any optional guaranteed amounts in an amount more than the actual withdrawal.

ForeCertain Income Annuity and ForeCertain Advisory Income Annuity are issued by Forethought Life Insurance Company, 10 West Market Street, Suite 2300, Indianapolis, Indiana and are available in most states with contract FL-FPA-13, as applicable. Products and features are subject to state variations and availability. Read the contract for complete details.

Product features and optional benefits may not be available in all states.

Global Atlantic Financial Group (Global Atlantic) is the marketing name for Global Atlantic Financial Group Limited and its subsidiaries, including Forethought Life Insurance Company and Accordia Life and Annuity Company. Each subsidiary is responsible for its own financial and contractual obligations.


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